Readers' Reactions

The author has been encouraged by reactions received from those who have read the posted manuscript of The Reality Program.. Recently, the guestbook has been available for general site comments, including comments on The Reality Program.  Here are some of the the author's favorites (pre- and post-guestbook implementation).

On 2/18/2001 6:21 AM, RAGU - RAGHURAMAN at sraghura@... wrote:


I just finished reading, in one sitting all night long, all the 8 chapters of your great work. I am so overwhelmed by it that I do not know what to say. God bless you.

I grew up in India, steeped in what is known as Advaita Vedanta. I knew you just stopped short of getting mystical in your text. But my grandfather's comment, 50 years ago, that "this world is an illusion and I should never take it seriously" is suddenly ringing in my ears now. . Looking forward to the remaining chapters of your book.

Best Regards.


On 3/3/2001 2:32 PM, at TripleMaya@... wrote:

I would be interested in the last chapters of your treatise, which do not appear on the web site. It ends rather abruptly, just as we get to the good bit, I presume!

[Author's note: At present, there is no scheduled date for completion of the manuscript. Without objection, I will add names to a list of those to be notified of future postings. -RR]

On 4/28/2001 11:53 PM, Steven Lindell at wrote:


I have thoroughly enjoyed your amazing web site. Especially the "Cybernetic Interpretation ..." How does your work relate to the idea that information theory might explain quantum mechanics as put forward by Zeilinger?

Steven Lindell
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Haverford College

[Author's note: Okay, so he wasn't actually commenting on The Reality Program. Picky, picky. Nevertheless, I think Prof. Zeilinger's work is on point, and may support the thesis. Check it out:]

On 6/9/2001 2:47 AM, Rangan Rajagopalan at rangan@... wrote:

Dear Sir,

Thanks very much for creating such a wonderful website like yours. I would probably take considerable time to digest the data contained therein. Working as an aircraft maintenance engineer after my graduation in Mechanical Engineering a long time ago, I probably lack the academic skills. However, my understanding of life seems to tally with yours.

Can you somehow make a precise mathematical model to describe Life? Assuming that the cosmos as we perceive might well be a virtual reality (on the multi-dimensional screen of a super computer sitting behind a firewall connecting and monitoring all biological computers of various forms of life) it appears that philosophers are groping to have a glimpse at the REALITY from minus infinity of a giant veil covering such a REALITY, while the scientists seem to be doing just the same at plus infinity!

A few handful of individuals called The Prophets seem to have managed to peep through the tiny orifice located at the origin (0,0,0) and look at some aspects of the Dynamic Reality at least!

Can the world be binary as "Dumbsheep" ( a metaphor ) says in my website "Dumbsheep"?

Thanks & best regards,
Rangan R

On 7/11/2001 1:22 AM, Brendan Roycroft at broycrof@... wrote:

Dear Ross,

I have just read your website "the reality program". The idea is good, and I guess cannot be disproved, so is already better than most other 'alternative' theories!

However, I disagree with many things in Chapter 6.


[Here the correspondent trashes Chapter 6 fairly convincingly. The chapter is being withdrawn temporarily for extensive revisions. -- RR]

Apart from these, I enjoyed the site very much. So what is consciousness then?

[Note to readers: I'm working on that. Look for Chapter 10, ASAP. -- RR]

Best regards,

Dr. Brendan Roycroft
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

On 5/18/2002  12:28 AM, Warren at wrote:

I can't tell you how much your work has helped me, how much it has offered me a
vision of this reality beyond anything I had before. I have given your url
to several of my friends and have shocked and amazed them with your evidence
and information.


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From: R. Walker
Sent: Sunday, February 16, 2003 1:35 AM

You are an excellent writer.  You take the time to make this difficult subject clear to the layman.  I appreciate both your skill and knowledge in that regard.  In more than 30 years of reading about the double-slit in particular and QM in general, your presentation is the most lucid I have yet found.

Rich Walker, Ph.D.
Springfield, IL

Date: 10-Oct-2003

Hi! For the first time these things became clear to me. You should publish this, in a book, I mean. Not everybody has the talent to make complex things simple, specially those that have a profound meaning in one's most basic nature. And you do. Go on, visit some publishing agent. Best regards. Leo Lospennato - Berlin (Germany)