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Privacy Statement

Here's my favorite statement regarding privacy and the internet:

"You don't have any privacy. Get over it."
- Scott McNealy, Sun Microsystems.

The BottomLayer presently (i.e., as of March 2004) has no ability to capture personal data relating to computers accessing its content.

Messages voluntarily composed and transmitted to the webmaster, and entries in the guestbook (I got it working!), are saved in a haphazard way. I have already lost quite a few to technical difficulties. Many comments have been stimulating, and have prompted extended correspondence. Just as the guestbook allows viewing of messages from others, so these conversations may be interesting to other visitors, and may be edited and made available for the edification of all. We arrogate the right to make such use of correspondence, so be polite.

IN THE FUTURE, we hope to develop a mailing list of persons interested in the subject matter of the site. The webmaster is confident that any mailings to persons on this list will be tasteful and inoffensive. If offense is taken, we are sure that we will make efforts to remove the recipient from the list upon due notification, although the prospect of having a reliable automatic removal system is something of a dream. At the present and realistically anticipated volume, personal inspection of the messages should do the trick.

IN THE EVENT such a hypothetical mailing list or other personal information that may be gathered in the future acquires a commercial value, we reserve the right to exploit such value in a reasonable way. On my honor, I will try to notify persons on the hypothetical list of any impending exploitation and provide an opt-out. I don't know why I'm even talking about this.

AND OF COURSE, all information known about any and all persons will be disclosed upon a lawful order of any authority with jurisdiction. At the present time, I cannot even conceive of why any such authority would be interested. Perhaps this is the start of a movement: the BottomLayer Anti-Materialistic Movement ("BLAMM"). I just made that up. I like it.

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