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Ten Things to Remember

A modest proposal for achieving the Congressional goal of posting traditional values in classrooms, while providing additional instruction in competing secular values.
The Gettysburg Speech

Lincoln was too fancy. You can hardly understand what he was talking about.
The Household Asks for a Dog

I should never have listened to them. But, on the other hand, he's really the nicest terrier mutt ever to be rescued from certain death at the pound.

O precious! Do not allow the world

On rare occasions I do poetry.

Music - .mp3s

Country Rhodes: 
from our debut CD, Far Up the Northway

Ross, Zoilo, Janet, Jimmy, Howard

Sugar Happens
(Words & Music by Ross Rhodes)

It's Hard to be a Cowboy on Long Island
(Words & Music by Ross Rhodes & Howard Miller)

(Words & Music by Howard Miller & Ross Rhodes)

Johnny's Way
(Words & Music by Ross Rhodes)



Caught Up Into Love [1993]
(Words & Music by Ross Rhodes)
Featuring Dean Bliss, vocals

Music - scores

And I Saw a New Heaven

Memorial work for SATB choir and organ.  Text: Revelation 21:1-7 & 1 Corinthians 13.  Approx. 8-1/2 min. (can be performed as 2 pieces, e.g., anthem and offertory).  Permission for printing and performance freely given upon request.  Send an e-mail to

Score (PDF document)

Midi file


Religious Resources

Lenten Bible Study 2018
The New Testament in 40 easily-digested sittings. A perfect project for Lent.


The Shrewd Manager / Unjust Steward

An allegorical interpretation of this problematic parable.


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